Wave Tribe Is You?

We are not going to hit you with all that eco 'be the change' BS. We are all trying to do our best in this crazy world and we won't shame you into buying our gear. Word.

If you want to buy other—mainly plastic—surf gear from the big corporations then you should do it—just like the mags want you too.

But here is the deal, know that there is an alternative. It's a damn good one that we have spent ten years developing, designing, testing and perfecting. Respect.

Wave Tribe is run by a few hard core surfers that spend much of their time in the water and traveling around the world thinking about how to make better products for you.

We make badass gear that lasts. 

Our hemp boardbags protect your surfboards and are downright awesome. We are surfers first and foremost—nothing corporate here bro.

We use hemp because it is ecological, strong, breaths and looks great.

Derek, the founder of Wave Tribe, and the one throwing down the vision and the designs said about his journey:

I never worked in the surf industry. I never surfed the tour. I am anti-establishment, anti-corporate and the only thing I knew how to do when I started this company was surf—I wanted to build great surf gear for for people and I also wanted to consider how that gear impacts the planet.

Derek goes on to talk about the vision for Wave Tribe:

"Wave Tribe's mission is to create a symbiotic relationship between sport and planet. In our journey we invite like-minded surfers to envision a wave that is clean, clear, plastic free and that mirrors a society of people who recognize the intrinsic beauty of nature and the significance of doing the right thing.

Right on D-dog!

Not sure if you know this, but nobody made eco surf products before Wave Tribe came along ten years ago. A decade later Wave Tribe continues to push the limits on both ecology and quality. 

Every product we make is designed with the highest possible quality materials like YKK zippers (boardbags), 3M glue and cork (deckpads), and recycled plastic (leashes). All of our products are manufactured with care for the planet by using quality eco materials like hemp, cork, bamboo and recycled plastics.

Wave Tribe Invents New Surf Gear 

Wave Tribe Research & Development Mexico 2016

Along the way they invented a bunch of cool eco products for the surf industry including three firsts ever.

Derek's idea was to take the original plastic designs and make materials and functional changes. After the first year in business, Wave Tribe hit a product trifecta:

  1. hemp day and travel boardbags
  2. cork deckpads & traction
  3. recycled leashes

Lot's of people have tried Wave Tribe's products and we have geared surfers up for a decade now. Check the reviews and testimonials.

Anyway, back to the story.

Wave Tribe decided that they wanted to use hemp in other products so they started to made surf gear like roof racks, fin wallets, backpacks and a bunch of other fun stuff.

It was fun, but in 2016 Derek said they were doing too much and that they needed to get back to their core products. Yep, that's what they are doing now.

ESPN ordered one of the Wave Tribe boardbags and sent in a review and said: 

The Pioneer Series Day Bag is the third generation bag made by Wave Tribe, and it is plenty strong for shlepping your sled. This is a strong bag any way you look at it. The handles and carry strap are all reinforced. That's good, because once your handles pop, a boardbag is about as useful as Sean Hannity at a climate convention. The zipper is made of serious recycled plastics—no more salty rust-jammed zippers. The bag itself has a dense 5 mm of padding. The bottom is also energy shielded to protect against sun and heat. Essentially, the production of this board bag is better for the land, the durability causes less waste, and its biodegradable nature is good for all of us.

In case you want to hear from thousands of awesome Wave Tribe customers then you can click here and read some of the stoke.

Surf Travel Blog - Deep Magazine - The Inertia

They wanted to find a way to give their customers something extra other than rad eco surf gear—so we started putting together free resources, travel guides, board shaping manuals and surf travel resources.

A few years back when things were still quiet in the surf eco scene, Derek started writing for a local surf mag in So Cal called Deep and after a few other started to pick up his stories: The Inertia, Ocean, Green Surf, etc. You can see some of the articles here.

Every two weeks he put together free travel articles to help you plan your next trip and once a month in our eNews we do a deep dive into an international surf travel location. We know you love to travel like us and we want to share the stoke.

Our Airline Boardbag Fee Guide is the go to resource in the surf community for surfboard baggage fees and is a must read for anyone traveling with their surfboards.

Free Beer & Occasional Twerk

We are serious, if you come to Ojai we will buy you a beer—and a good one like Stone IPA. The local pub in town is called OBC and has 50 beers on tap—how cool is that? Derek reminds us that It hasn’t been easy, he almost gave up a few times and the only reason he says he is still here—and Wave Tribe is still here—is because people like you support our journey. 

What do you get with Wave Tribe?

Well, let's review.

  1. Rad eco surf gear;
  2. Awesome surf travel guides;
  3. Free beer!

Dude, Volcom and Quiksilver don't even offer you a freakin sticker these days.

Wave Tribe Free Beer

Even if you decide not to join the tribe please stay stoked and keep surfing and know that there is a cold one waiting for you in Ojai, California.

The founders of Manawasurf (pictured below) arrived in Ojai this year and tested Derek's beer offer.

After he bought a few rounds, Thais snaked him in the water twice. He said about the incident after, "how could I be mad, they are so cute."

~ Derek & The Wave Tribe Crew

Derek Dodds Wave Tribe Founder

 P.S. Read the story of how Wave Tribe started