Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

Free Deckpad, Dry Bag, or After-Sun Cream on Orders +$75

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Surfboard Travel Bags | "Better Boardbags" ~ ESPN Sports | Wave Tribe

Hemp Surfboard Bags For Conscious Surfers

Wave Tribe Hemp Bags

"Best boardbags" ~ ESPN

Made From Hemp

* better for the planet
Best Zippers Available

* never rust or break
More Padding

* protects your surfboards

"We traveled the world with these bags and loved every moment of it. So stoked to be able to use a boardbag that also has a lighter footprint on the planet."

~ Lush Surf Brand

Sold out

Made From Hemp

Wave Tribe's Surfboard Travel Bags Collection.
The top rated surfboard travel bag is exquisitely strong, blissfully stylish and as reliable and durable as they come.
Eco-friendly, built to last and protects your board with lots of padding. These bags protects your board and the planet.
Grab yours now.

Hemp Day Bags

Not all board bags are the same and what you should really be thinking about first is protection. Wave Tribe Pioneer bags have 6mm of Rebound Foam Dynamics, including open-to-nose technology.

OG Surf Surf Company

in 2007 Derek ripped the lock off the Uhaul (yea I know you aren't supposed to take them across the border) and we began pulling out the mountain of board bags piled to the ceiling and as he was schlepping the multicolored bags out of the trailer he said to myself, “damn that’s a lot of plastic.” Wave Tribe was born in that moment.

100% Stoke Guarantee

We have a 100% stoke guarantee and stand behind our products and service. If you are not happy with our products send them back for a full refund.