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Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip
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Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Admit it. It doesn’t matter to get jet lag right now or have a hassle experience of carrying travel bags if it means you get to enjoy some watersports in the Bay of Islands or attending a classic boat festival on Victoria’s Inner Harbor later on.

As a traveler and lover of waters, you miss the beach-side activities and how the sand subtly tickles your feet as you stroll with your surfboard.

You miss capturing the smiles of wanderers and other surfers who would always be thrilled by the friendly and graceful approach of waves.

During the pandemic, surfers who love to travel miss all the fun and excitement they get from traveling in general-- from trying different food with stories to tell in long-standing restaurants to meeting new people of diverse cultures in one place. They may be at a beach or on an island, sharing the same love and passion for outdoor water sports such as surfing.

It’s been months since we cannot go to such far destinations having to conform to imposed strict health protocols and quarantine orders. 

It may be a struggle to stay productive at home, and you’re probably in pajamas with a bowl of nachos in your hand at the moment. Well, you are doing a great job in protecting yourself and the mass from being potentially exposed to the virus. But then again, it may feel unfulfilling to put on hold your planned travels that connect you to your soul.

After several months of uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is optimism on the rise again. Various countries are gradually opening their borders, and many people are considering the option of traveling too. 

Eyes are still on the next steps the tourism industry will take to communicate with anxious travelers proactively, but view it as good news.

You can still hope to travel this year, only that unlike your previous travels before the dreaded pandemic, you want to ensure extra safety for your future travels if confirmed to be legally manageable. 

Hence, it is necessary to prepare essential safety-travel supplies and follow the World Health Organization guidelines as closely as possible before and while going on board.

it takes responsibility to do so safely. Learn about the risks and act accordingly based on the words of experts.

By upholding utmost discipline, keeping in mind ethical standards and travel policies, it can be possible to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many destinations worldwide have been deemed safe for tourism by both the UK and European Union. Given you have learned the news about countries opening their borders, take time to put down the bowl of nachos from your hand for a while and have these countries that are safe to visit and surf on your list!

Here are 6 Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip:


Canada showing the importance of wearing a mask and conforming to travel policies when traveling

Canada has performed excellently in critical situations. The country could reinforce testing quickly, which led to tracing contacts more efficiently, isolate the infected, and limit the spread of the dreaded virus. 

According to an analyst, Canadian people have been respectful of the measures when announced and followed them uniformly. 

It should be the beautiful tourist sites that a country can offer that you would consider before visiting and how its people respond and take action during a global pandemic. In these two categories, Canada is a smart choice to go to this year.

Surfing in Vancouver Island Novelty Waves

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Surf Stoke in Tofino, Canada

Tofino is the most famous surfing site in Canada, delivering year-round surfing relished by surfers. Apart from the easy access, the area provides waves throughout the year, flaunting world-class waves on occasion.

Long Beach is suitable for intermediate surfers and beginners, but it is still highly advisable to take a surf lesson for their safety. Oceans are generally unpredictable, and surfing lessons will let you learn about surfing and local conditions. Take it as a chance for you to have a lot more fun while being safe.

You can access more details about Tofino and how to get there from our surf guide here: Surfing Tofino Canada

Tofino Surfing: Vancouver Island: 

New Zealand

New Zealand’s coronavirus response was also a triumph, and it is safe to say that it is a place of choice to visit this year.

New Zealand is an otherworldly, friendly, and peace-loving country with a massive range of scenic wonders. You can find the kind of beauty you’re looking for in the Coromandel Peninsula that is known for its golden and white sand beaches, and in Milford Sound, flaunting the best coastal scenery and dark blue waters. No wonder that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed entirely in this solemn country and is continuously attracting travelers. Americans, however, are prohibited from traveling to New Zealand at the moment.

Surfing in Piha

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

A surfer enjoying the calm wave at Piha

This coastal town is said to be a popular destination on holidays or weekends. It can be reached under an hour drive away from Auckland, New Zealand’s capital city.

Piha is a known surfing site. There’s a white black-sand beach break and in the middle with picturesque Lion Rock. All surfers-- experts or beginners are welcome to attend this surfing spot. It’s best to go when the currents are not too strong.

For aspiring surfers, there is at least one surf school in Piha that you can visit.

Surfing in New Zealand Piha Bar: 



Australia is advantageous due to its geographical location. The country succeeded in managing COVID-19 spread due to a unified response and the trust their institutions and experts gained. It has suffered far less fatality and infection from COVID-19 than other similar countries, making Australia deserving of a spot on your list as a travel destination this year.

Surfing on the Gold Coast

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

A surfer going along with the graceful movement of the Gold Coast's wave

Gold Coast in Australia is one of the most intense surf zones across the world. It is said to be the most visited stretch of coastline in Australia.

It’s not called Surfers Paradise for nothing. The surf here is iconic. The Gold Coast offers some of the amazing point breaks alongside various beach breaks for relish and with so many sites to choose from. Conditions are welcoming for all surfers and for those less experienced ones, there is a range of surf schools located around the coast that can provide you some pointers or lessons that will certainly help you.

Surfers Paradise: Gold Coast, Australia: 


Iceland showed how trust could be promoted by the government’s prompt action to operate a crisis management and control center led by healthcare experts. Iceland performing mass testing from February 2020 and enforcing quarantine rules resulted in a successful COVID-19 response.

Surfing Thorli Point

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Surfer at Thorli

Thorli is the most surfed location in Iceland, capable of handling all swells above chest high with its deep paddling channel being credited.

In getting there, drive straight through Thorlakshofn toward the lighthouse. Take highway one out of Reykjavík. You would want to make a right turn to Thorlakshofn about 15 minutes out of Reykjavik. Drive that road for another 15-20 minutes to Thorlakshofn. Drive straight through the town toward the lighthouse. 

If you’re a fan of a beautiful, isolated location, opt for Thorli.

Surf Tourism in Iceland: 



Switzerland is one of the countries consistently scoring high on the global peace index, although its measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic were not as good as expected. Americans can travel to the country for business but not for tourism yet.

Switzerland is a paradise for its rich cultural history and beauty, a place of endless discoveries that astound every traveler who visits. It has one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and the railway that connects the country to Italy through the Graubünden mountains.

Surfing Lake Geneva

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Relishing while surfing at Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva somehow resembles the open sea. In the afternoon, when the wind gets up, it is usually possible to witness tiny waves breaking the surface of the water. While they may not be as massive as the large breakers hitting the coast of California, surfing these waves would still bring a lot of fun and excitement. This could also be one of the best surfing spots for fitness.

Surfing Lake Geneva, Switzerland: 



It is indeed another great choice to visit Germany for receiving some of the top ratings for handling the coronavirus pandemic like the countries mentioned earlier. Americans may be able to travel here if you are a dual citizen on the “allowed” list.

Who wouldn’t want to visit the said inspiration of Walt Disney’s castle? Even if you’re not a fan yourself, you’d love to see the ultimate fairytale castle in Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle has been an inspiration to various creative works and is the most visited among Germany’s other known castles. In the tiny city of Cochem, there’s also one thousand-year-old castle that looks like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter. Germany seems to have it all, aye.

Surfing on the Eisbach

Safest Countries to Visit in 2021 for a Surf Trip

Shooting River Surfers at Munich’s Eisbach | Photographer: Andreas Seemann

The waves on the Eisbach river attract surfers and onlookers across the globe. Eisbach is popular for being the biggest and most consistent city center for river surfing. People have been surfing here for 40 years.

It is recommended at any time to go to the surfing site to watch the surf action, though experts and only professional surfers should go play with the waves as it is quite difficult for beginners to surf.

The Eisbach Germany Surf: 


If you have to travel internationally and get transportation for the commute, traveling by car is the safest option in most of these countries. One of the reasons is that you will not be traveling with another person; therefore, the risk of getting infected is minimal. A smart way is to find out how to get an international driver’s license and then rent a car to get around the place and visit all the locations these countries have to offer. 

If you’re someone who would consider getting an eco-surf vehicle, Mother Earth would undoubtedly appreciate the gesture.

Details about specifications and fees of various Surfboard Airlines here: Surfboard Airline Fees

One of these days, you can go back to traveling freely again!

This article was made in collaboration with Lena Linetti.