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Waves are the glory of the ocean that is being seen by humans. They create a shape that is either big enough to be played safely by surfers or much more massive that brings catastrophe. But what causes these waves that make an ocean? Find out in this article.
The ocean is proven to be therapeutic and brings calmness to every person, the reason why most of us are drawn to it. One that mainly contributes to this transformational effect is the blue color of the ocean. But have you ever wondered why they appear blue, and why some others different in color? Indulge yourself in the magic of our oceans.
The greatest threats to wildlife are becoming worse, causing wild animals to go into extinction. If humans are going to continue the harmful activities that impose demise on species, the condition of the future will get worsen.
Water Conservation has been a topic in discussions and an immediate answer to water crisis issues. However, not all people know its importance and why we should not take it lightly. There are numerous reasons why you should not waste water. If we fail to act, we will regret it later on.
Without water, it would be a nightmare. There are numerous things why we should not take it for granted and why we should give importance to every drop of it. Not only does it supplement us with our body essentials in order to survive but also it leaves a calming impact on the mind.
Before you take a pile of shells from a beach, consider how essential they are to animals. Collecting seashells may seem harmless, yet in the real sense, it has an effect on the marine ecosystem.
Americans are actually the biggest cosmetic consumers in the world with an estimated total revenue of 62.46 billion dollars. This is all well and good for the economy until one realizes that the cosmetic industry can also endanger the environment. And that’s because of one major substance inside these cosmetics - microbeads.
In order for surfers to be fit, one needs not only regular training but also a proper diet in order to ensure that the body is healthy enough to respond to the demands of the sport. In this week's article, we give information about the pescatarian diet and sustainable fishing.
Ghost fishing nets are called as such because they look almost invisible and spectral underwater. But the more appropriate term would actually be “abandoned fishing gear”. This includes, not only fishing nets but abandoned fishing lines and traps. They are an invisible and deadly threat to marine ecosystems worldwide. Read the whole article to learn more.
Surfing is fun. Unfortunately though, the risks are higher these days. Climate change is changing the ocean drastically that even its negative effects are affecting surfers. Here’s how climate change can increase the risks of surfing.
By now, we’re aware how the surfing industry can be a toxic business. Still, it’s never too late to start going green in your surfing lifestyle. Here are seven tips on how to lessen the impact of your surfing on the ocean.