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What Does Thanksgiving Around The World Look Like?
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What Does Thanksgiving Around The World Look Like?

What Does Thanksgiving Around The World Look Like?

Family Having Their Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the most festive days that people look forward to during November in the United States. It is a lovely season where everything feels warm before winter hits. But Thanksgiving is not a holiday exclusive to the US. Have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving around the world looks and feels like?

Let us go on a virtual worldwide tour and experience the different Thanksgiving traditions around the world from countries that would also make an excellent destination for your holiday surfing trip.

Here is our itinerary:

1. Canada

Surfing Tofino, CanadaWith a growing surf scene, you'll get stoked with Tofino’s beautiful beaches and amazing waves.

Home to the sweetest variety of Maple trees, Canada is one of the best places to be during the Thanksgiving season. However, the celebration comes a month earlier than in the US, taking place every second Monday of October, as their harvest season also comes sooner.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving similarly to how Americans would; family-centered and enjoying warm meals featuring maple-glazed stuffed turkey, pies, and sweet potatoes—although in a more low-key way. And since it falls on a Monday, our friends up North usually plan a trip or a hike to enjoy the long weekend.

So, on your next Thanksgiving getaway, you can add Canada to your list as you will not miss home so much. It is also the best place for those looking for new waves to beat. The country houses the most exquisite lakes, like Lake Ontario, ideal for lake surfing.

Canada also has stunning beaches and bays offering excellent surf spots, especially in Tofino. This small tourist town with lush forest surrounding it is on the top of the list for family-friendly surfing spots in Canada. You can also convince your loved ones to try surfing as there are a lot of surfing schools in the area, so by the end of your trip they can advance their surfing skills.

2. Australia

Surfing Bells Beach, AustraliaBells Beach is renowned for being one of the best surf beaches.

In another hemisphere, in the land down under, Australia also has a day solely for giving thanks. However, Thanksgiving Day in the land of Oz is not the same as what you would expect in American homes.

Australians noted the last Wednesday of November on their calendars as Thanksgiving Day, but it is not a national holiday. If you are an American in Australia, you would have to wait until after work to get the celebration going.

It is still a lovely Thanksgiving travel destination because Australia is home to pristine nature and thrilling coastlines, all enjoyable for a holiday adventure and surfing under the sun.

Just an hour away from Melbourne, Australia’s coastal capital, is Bells Beach with a trailblazing history as a location of numerous surfing competitions since 1961 and having the oldest surfing carnival. Visiting during thanksgiving will give you all the summer vibes as warmer weather starts during November.

And if you are missing the usual festivities from home, do not worry. There are a lot of American-style restaurants that offer Thanksgiving-exclusive menus.

3. Brazil

Surfing Barra, BrazilIf you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday in Brazil by surfing in uncrowded surf, Barra is the place to be.

Brazil is a vibrant country, famous for its high-spirited and extravagant festivals. It will surely not miss out on celebrating a day that includes being thankful for a bountiful harvest and feasting afterward.

Brazil did not initially have its own Thanksgiving Day. Rumor has it that the celebrations began when their ambassador went to the US and decided to take the holiday home as a souvenir of some sort.

Brazilian Thanksgiving Day or “Dia de Ação de Graças” is on the last Thursday of November. It begins with church services and ends in an autumn carnival. You can find similar American Thanksgiving meals but with jabuticaba sauce and Peru (turkey).

When it comes to festivities, you must definitely book a trip to Rio De Janeiro. Some parts of the city can be discouraging as it is a famous travel destination, hence the over-crowded and polluted areas.

But do not worry. There is a hidden treasure in this bustling city. You can find uncrowded Rio surf in Barra, an 18 km long beach 30 minutes away from Ipanema. Here is where you can find a deserted surf break, away from the crowds.

4. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Beach in the CarribeanWith a majestic view, magnificent waves, and white sand beaches, you'll enjoy your Thanksgiving surf trip in Saint Lucia.

When the leaves start changing colors into warmer hues, the wind rustles coldly. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, people enjoy the sun during the Thanksgiving season, like in the small paradise island, Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island, vibrant with sandy shores, tropical trees, and clear blue skies. But aside from that, they boast their version of Thanksgiving, originating from ancient harvest festivals.

Their celebration falls on the first Monday of October. Although it is a public holiday, there is not much going on during Thanksgiving Day in Saint Lucia, aside from having extra time to celebrate with the family. If you are looking for a Caribbean getaway with your family, this is the place to be.

Saint Lucia is also an excellent surfing destination with its pristine coastline. Please consider bringing reusable packaging and utensils to lessen coastal trash if you have a day out on the beach.

5. United Kingdom

Surfing North Devon, EnglandThe North Devon coast is often frequented by professional surfers because of its dramatic coastline and neat waves.

During the autumn equinox, several communities and churches all across the country celebrate the United Kingdom’s Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival. Celebrations usually begin during September 23 or the Sunday of The Harvest Moon, which can also appear later in October.

Before, the Harvest Festival was just as important as Easter and Christmas in the UK's national calendar. In modern times, however, it has become more prominent in the Christian calendar. Churches and schools decorate fruit baskets and other provisions parishioners donate, then give them out to the needy.

So, if you stay in the urban areas, you would not feel much of the festivities. To get the communal and homestyle vibe of Thanksgiving in the UK, opt for the outskirts, where you can also find the best surf spots.

Getting into a road trip across the country is a great way to spend Thanksgiving Day. Surfing in England is a must with its sublime and bewitching views and shores, where you can find some fantastic waves.

Thanksgiving in the Future

Thanksgiving around the world may vary because of different cultures, but one thing remains similarly the same: it is a day to celebrate the harvest. The problem is, will we still have something to celebrate soon as our lands are becoming dead?

In 2050, we need to increase our food production to at least 60%, but with soil erosion worldwide, it can be difficult as most fertile lands are dead due to agriculture. Our only hope is to take care of our oceans as they can serve as excellent alternatives to terrestrial farming while the grounds heal.

If you are planning to go on a Thanksgiving Holiday trip or a surfing trip, opt for eco-friendly destinations and use sustainable surfing gear, like what we have here at Wave Tribe.

Do not forget to help Heal The Oceans to ensure that our oceans, the world’s greatest reserve of natural resources, keep their vigor for our future ‘harvest’ needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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